On the night of New Year’s Day, was the time the ritual began.

To explain, I begun this blog to record my rituals and craft. If it be of use for anyone seeking their way, I am honored if this peek into my life may help.

As the new wheel turns the first day of the year marks a time to cleanse ones heart, mind, and spirit. It is to prepare and to meditate on days of the past, and towards the days of the future. But of what is most important on this day is to acknowledge the present, and to discover the transformation within. The ritual is based on this belief. It is based around the teachings of the Crone Goddess. The Crone descends into winter’s slumber. And as she sleeps, her Spring-filled dreams awaken hope within. Hope of a blooming year. The Goddess transforms into the young Maiden. As she sleeps, she meditates on what is within, and all around her. She acknowledges the known, what is to be, and what is.

Grow from your experiences, face your challenges, and prepare for any changes you seek (or not). The Crone speaks to stand your ground, but to ever be hopeful of the future.

I know of fellow sister witches that love to do this ritual at the beach. They love to cleanse in the salty waters at midnight, then cast their circle in the morning rise. It is an exhilarating experience, and I highly recommend it! Alas, however, I could not make it to the beach this year. So I had to make different plans.

I dedicated my hearth to be the center of my ritual. I casted New Year Incense onto charcoal. Incense that was dedicated to the Crone and Maiden forms. A circle was created to call forth the Guardians of the four corners, and of course, the Goddess. I set out candles to represent my spirit guides. Placed two candles (one black and one white; to represent the crone transforming into the maiden/ an end to a new beginning) at the center. Lastly, I included my small teapot; a perfect little shot of tea that works for spells and rituals! I steeped herbs for cleansing and unblocking paths.

The ritual was beautiful, both uplifting, and spiritual. I felt honored with the energies around me. I chanted a prayer in honor of the Goddess, then requested good blessings. Left an offering of seeds, a symbol of transformation, and when the time is right, I will plant them for the Spring.

I have considered and decided to post my New Year’s incense and tea blend, in case any are interested of what it was consisted of.

Blessed be, fellow witches. And happy New Year!newyearritual

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