I have been writing a lot of posts that start with New; I just got a kick out of that, and couldn’t help but laugh! HA!

Anyways; as the title explains, we have recently experienced a new moon. And along with it the time to celebrate NEW BEGINNINGS! It is a perfect time to bless and purify our minds, hearts and set new goals.

Witches, in general, follow their moods and rituals around the phases of the moon. I am one of those witches. I feel the energies during different phases, and since there’s less moon, it brings a clear mind.

I generally love to do a cleansing new moon bath, and since I ran out of my (new moon) bath salts, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to document it.


1/2 Cup Epsom Salt

1/4 Cup Baking Soda

Drops Eucalyptus Oil

Drops Peppermint Oil

Drops White Sage Oil

Now I wrote drops because I believe it all depends on the preference of the individual on how strong they want their bath salt. I myself dropped a generous amount in my batch. Not only because of its magical properties but because it is a wonderful use for when one is feeling under the weather, or for sinus tension.

Peppermint, eucalyptus, and white sage all have cleansing, balancing, and clarity magical properties. Eucalyptus especially is grand for any sort of lunar magick, and I love to incorporate it in my bath salts. I grinded the salt and baking soda together, that way it would be easier to dissolve in the bath. During and after mixing I lit a black candle and then chanted a blessing.Once again in Latin:

Calendarum Initiis

(New Moon Beginnings)

I’m  going to upload a picture, and those of you who check it out  may notice that within the salt is a symbol. During the blessing I engraved the salt with a moon glyph that represent the new moon. It looks a little something like this; *(+)*     Two dots on either side, a circle, and a star within.

I look forward to bathing in these salts, and when I do, I fully intend on relaxing and enjoying a good pot of magical tea.


Tbsp. Black Tea

Tsp. Mint

Tsp. Jasmine


Happy New Beginnings my fellow witches. Blessed be!

~The Tea Witch







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