Merry Meet fellow Witches!

I’m so looking forward to the upcoming Full moon this Saturday. I wonder if you all are anxiously waiting as well! I have plans to do a full moon bath, and then afterwards an honoring candle lighting tea ceremony for the Cold Moon in January.  Since I do not have any desires to be invoked, I plan to bless water for the upcoming Imbolc in February.

The water blessing I’m truly excited for because the water I gathered is both melted snow and stream from California’s Big Bear Mountain. It is customary to bless water on the full moon before Imbolc; because during the Sabbat is a time to bless the soil to ready it for the approaching Spring. Highly symbolic for one’s self as well, because of the comparison between the ritual and blessing one’s own life in preparation of Spring.

But until then, I will like to add a poem! ^-^

Between rituals, tea, spells, writing, home, work, and the hubby; I LOVE reading poetry! Poetry is such a wonder, inspiring, mind opening, and even enchanting. Witch poetry tickles me the most, and I love to collect them! So for today, I will share one short poem I read and couldn’t help fall in love with its charming allure.


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