HELLO!  And Merry meet!

Many blessings to you my friends on this festive and wondefully fun day!
I’m sure you all know that today is Saint Patrick’s day and probably out drinking and celebrating with friends and family! Wonderful!

Well considering the title I’ve written, it’s not all based upon Saint Patrick’s, it’s also Dionysus’s Day! Oh the god of wine and the saint of Ireland share this day for all to be festive and merry! And not to mention their equal interest for drinks and celebration!
I paid tribute to the great Lord of the vine! Especially since my backyard carries grape vines, I prayed for a good healthy growth. This is going to be my first year growing grapes, and I hope my prayers will be answered!
The day is warm and cool, and it was a perfect time to step outside and really enjoy nature, especially with a glass of delicious red wine. I simply spent time with my vines, lit some candles, shared some wine, and mingled with the positive vibes.
I know of other’s that deeply love this day! I love how they gather their love ones, bring barrels of beer and wine, create some delicious stews, meats, and pies, and just really go all out! I plan to do all the same, but when the spring equinox is upon us. Which is right around the corner! Oh I’m so excited!
I hope you all will be safe and really be happy together!
Gotta bring in the new spring season with happiness and cheer! Remember the days when you were young and free, because you still are! Just need to remember that!

Blessed be!


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