Blessed be one and all! Tis the Spring Equinox! And I don’t know about you, but I feel so blessed to be alive and rejuvenated!
Waking up this morning, I knew I just had to do a morning prayer to the Goddess. The day is beautiful, the grape vines are blooming so quickly. And now the tree that was bare is now starting to sprout! I had to pay tribute and thanks.
So mind you, I had to do the prayer quickly because I had to make breakfast and then rush soon after to work. (I’m very much NOT a morning person but I’m working on it! xD)
I began creating my spring incense; I will do a separate post on that. All the while, I lit a candle and began invoking the great spring Goddess. When I witnessed the flame flicker, I saw it as the right time to begin.
I lit another candle and placed it in my lovely rabbit holder that I use every spring. I lit some charcoal and began to burn the incense. As the incense burned, I began chanting:

We give honor and thanks to the sun for it’s sustenance, warmth, and light

*Blessed be the dawn*

And as our blessed mother earth is rebirth in the spring
So time is rebirth in the morning.

*Blessed be the dawn*

*Blessed be the Goddess*

(* is to represent the group saying it together)

Well I hope y’all morning and day goes beautiful! Enjoy the sun, the sky, and the earth, but most importantly your life and family.

Blessed be~


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