Merry meet every one!
I hope you all are having a blessed spring week! And enjoy your upcoming Easter day this Sunday!
Well I wanted to share some ideas on how to celebrate the beginning of Spring. A lot of people enjoy having the family over for food and fun, egg hunting being a very popular choice. However, if your looking for something calm and fun to do with your little ones, I will like to suggest a little something like the activity I chose to do this year.
I decided to make a bird’s nest and an offering of seeds. I wanted to do a home made nest but decided it would be quicker to use a cute basket that I found at the 99c store. I added some bedding as a filler and then some lovely flowers and leaves to give it a homey appeal for the cute little birds that fly around my yard. You can definitely make it your own and natural by scavenging with your little ones and friends to find some beautiful items to add to the nest.
It’s an amazing way to get the kids outdoors and search and find the most enchanting things! My little nephew found a piece of wood once; it was in the shape of a claw! He became so engrossed, I helped him turn it into a charm!
So in any which way you choose, try to make it fun and awarding! You must always remember to feel alive! Because that is when you truly can feel the love from the earth and the Divine.

~The Tea Witch




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