Merry meet!
So being that this is the first week of spring, there was a lot to do in welcoming it.
As witches, one of our responsibilities is ushering in each season and rejoicing in its energy and meaning.
Spring is the time the great Goddess is fully awake and is embracing the earth, gifting it nourishment, beauty, and health. Thankfully, out here in California, where we were in desperate need for rain, we were granted a few storms. The California covens must of been pleased with their success.
The plants and animals are in full swing and are blooming. Seeing this and waiting on the full moon, I decided it was the perfect day to do my Spring ritual.
Planting seeds is a perfect offering to the earth and Goddess. This year I chose to do four types of herbs, cilantro, basil, lavender, and parsley. I setted up my pots and seeds. Lit some candles, and burned my spring equinox incense.

As I began planting I started to chant:

The goddess is awakened from the sun’s warm rays.
She breathes new life and grows through the blossoms.
She transfers her life force through us and in all things living.
She is within us. Around us. And in those about to be born.

After planting, I then used some of my blessed stream water that I collected from my trip to the mountains and watered the seeds. Then chanting~

We celebrate the seeds and blooming spring of mother earth. She gifts to us in her bountiful love.

*Blessed be the Goddess*

If you have not already, light the candles. And then chant~  

We are now entering the light half of the year, may the light in our hearts illuminate the sun.

Light the candles or bonfire.



Blessed Be! And may the upcoming season bring you all peace and balance.

~The Tea Witch

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