Merry meet!

So I found myself exploring the never ending pins on Pinterest, and came upon a picture that I couldn’t have agreed more to. Gray Witchcraft.


Embracing both dark and light,
Without going to extremes.
Acknowledging Ying and Yang.
Gray witches are more than
What you think.
Our magick is powerful.
We use it wisely, and accordingly.
We seek not to harm,
But we will protect, and defend
A witch who cannot curse,
Cannot heal.
-The Lady Hekate

This poem/lesson is a wonderful way to help distinguish the meaning of what is between white and dark magick. Witches of Gray are often times Nature-based. This is because the energies of nature is both light and dark, good and bad, harmonious and destructive, life and death.
This source of magick is strong to tap into. It is powerful because how to truly connect with this energy is by fully accepting the light and darkness that lives within you. It has been said that once you seriously understand and connect with the inner balance that resonates in the soul, you can easily bond with nature and its power.
Every gray witch who wishes to form a connection from this source must learn through the training a few important lessons:
~Ye must respect and honor the balance of nature.
~Ye must not be the judge, victim, or criminal.
~Ye protect and defend the helpless.
~Ye must neither be mute or prideful of your craft.
~Ye accept the beauty and flaws of your own unique magick.

These lessons sounds easy enough, but believe me, I’ve had my moments growing up and finding myself overlooking the balance in order to help a friend. Or had been a victim and thought it right to send forth a karma curse. It took me until my late teens to fully realize that spells and intentions have their own time and place to be casted; when the balance won’t be interrupted. But when it is time to unleash the karma, it will be deployed 100%. Over time, nature (karma) will circle its way in and restore things much to your liking.
In the meantime, learn to heal, to protect, to defend, to cleanse, and find peace.

~ The Tea Witch

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