Happy May 1st, everyone!

The summer season is approaching and energies are vibrant in the air!
As some know, today marks the same for most witches as Beltane! The day when the God and Goddess are finally united and bond in each other’s embrace. It is the also the time when the season is abundant with joy, fertility, and magic.

To really analyze the energies of this day is quite simply put that the forces of nature are binding together to create the coming season. This is why Beltane is associated with fertility, hope, and joy. The summer season is approaching, which brings hope and joy. The season changing is in a sense an act of birth; hence for fertility.

Beltane is celebrated in different ways; the most popular one being of course the May pole. A May pole is a symbol of the joining between the God and Goddess. Ribbons are wrapped around the base as people dance around. Traditionally, a meal is shared as a representation of unity.

As witches, one can either celebrate on May 1st or May Eve, which is the night for witches to gather. I generally like to celebrate on May Eve. I was fortunate enough to be with a friend and went dancing at an amazing vibrant event; everyone was joyous, free, and united. I couldn’t have been more blessed! On the first of May, I shared a meal with my hubby.

However you’d like to celebrate is up to the family or witch. May your day be blessed and your family joyous!

Blessed be!

The Tea Witch


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