Merry meet all! Welcome!

The past new moon was a time to do a cleansing for my amulet.

An amulet, is a jewel or stone that is meant to protect the wearer against evil, curses, and illness.
From time to a time, any sort of jewlery that is considered an amulet must be cleansed and refreshed.

The New Moon is the best night to do this for your amulets. The reason being this moon cycle as a time of rest. No magick is done during this period. Meditations, restings, and cleansings are appropriate.

Cleansing my amulet was simple. I simply placed my stone in a small glass dish (recommended) with a pinch of sea salt. I was fortunate enough that it was a rainy night. So extra cleansing was in store. I set outside the dish and left it to sit just a little after midnight. By then, I took it and placed it under my grape vines. It is also recommended to bury an amulet in the soil, but I had my reasons to not do it this time. Either way, the amulet still gets to soak in the Earth’s energy.
By morning, my amulet was cleansed and refreshed. I felt my energy restored and lighter.
Any other method can work as simply. You could cleanse with any element you wish. Such as smoke or flame. If I was to use the smoke method, I would most likely choose to burn bay or rosemary leaves then smudge my amulet through the smoke.
Of course since it beautifully rained through the new moon night, I couldn’t have been happier. Especially since water is the ultimate element to cleanse anything.
Anywho, hope this method helps anyone who is searching for ways to purify their tools and/or amulets, talismans, or even themselves!

Blessed be!

~The Tea Witch




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