Merry meet! And welcome!

Today felt like the perfect day to throw a little tea ceremony for my grape vine hedge. The other day I noticed some seedlings growing and I was thrilled! This year they grew so lush, I just knew a good crop could grow.
To help them, I felt like a sweet tea party and cleansing would bring them positive energies.
I had first lit sage and cleansed across the hedge. All the while, chanting to the nature spirits to come and join me for the blessing.
After, I set up my tea pot and brewed a blooming blossom from the garden. I said a prayer to the Goddess. To continue to help my hedge grow.
Once I said my prayer, I took a few sips then offered the rest of the brew to my grape vines.
The beauty of the day lingered till sunset. The wind was soothing and the ground moist. The moon began to show her light, and ever more did I feel complete.
This way of tea ceremony is ideal for other gardens or hedges. It is small and simple which is wonderful. It leaves more time to spend your day in nature.
Well, thank you for reading!
Blessed be to you all!

The Tea Witch





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