It has been too long! I am humbled and grateful to be so busy as of late. Facebook has been truly fortunate, and who knew social media was a whole different level and time consuming?…

Oh wait..yea! Haha

But in all honesty, it has been so enchanting meeting new souls around this world! So many beautiful and heart felt stories… Lives! I’ve had the privilege to meet and make different sisters and brothers across the lands. And I’ve been proud of every single one that was kind enough to speak from the heart. 

There is so many living souls on this Mother Earth, with different goals, fears, and dreams. It’s been a wonder learning, advising, and listening to each one. Thank the Goddess for all your beautiful lives. As I sit here now, praying and meditating with the Great Moon, I feel the connection between us all. A connection that is not Earth bound, but on a universal level. 

Often we do not notice this bond, but there is no denying the spiritual paths that are intertwined together. All of our paths. We enter each other’s lives with purpose and reason. Meant to always leave a mark, however big or small. Good or bad. 

Realizing this simple truth humbles me. I immediately think of how we are all important, special, and the same. Not alone. We each share a power together. A connection. 

Which leads me to my special idea. The Great Thunder Moon inspires me! Encourages me to send out blessed protective energies to those in need. I want to invite others to contribute! To call forth and ask of my brothers and sisters to join together during the blessed Full Moon, and chant as one. 

I’m now feeling inspired to write the chant; the Great Moon singing sweet muses in my ear. I shall fix together either an alter candle or bonfire. Prepare an enchanting incense. And cast the spell when the Moon is nigh! Oh Goddess, I pray that others will join. 

Blessed be this night, and the more to come. Blessed be the brothers and sisters I have met and bonded with. Blessed be the thunder moon’s reflections. Blessed be all of you. Happy Full Moon!

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