Hello, beautiful souls!

It has been a few days since the full moon, and I have rested well enough to write about the experience. From the last blog, I had written of the reflections that came to me during that night. The appreciation I have for all the new souls I’ve been gifted upon meeting. Along with this moment, an inspiration had struck me. I had decided to hold a gathering for all these beings to come together and cast under the Great Moon. 

The gathering was a success. As far as I know of, more than twenty people gathered under the same full Thunder Moon, prayed, and casted their hopes and dreams… It was a moment beyond compare. I still feel their energy whispering across the skies. The Great Moon was shining brighter than ever that night, and She gifted me the power to feel all those around me. 

The night was warm and electric. The circle was vibrant with an aura that held no bounds. As I called down the moon, the wind picked up and caressed my skin, but alas I felt my spirit soar and merge with the Great Moon spirit. My body a vessel, I heard and felt the beats and rhythms from the others across the lands, seas, and world. A moment that I know others had felt as well. 

For that moment, we were all connected. True brothers and sisters, our body and souls were One. The Great Moon flew us across the night sky. Connected to the stars and the oceans. We sang and danced our words and steps. Lastly, we ended with a blessing and a protection. 

If one does not know how to call down the moon, it’s perfectly simple. And yet, it will require focus, unity with the energies around you, and most importantly… belief. 

Before calling down the moon, you must prepare yourself. Most witches would do a cleansing, such as a bath or a smudging. Once after the purification, then a circle can be created. A circle is a great protection, especially when your energies are open to the elements. I cleanse my circles using salt, rain water, burning sage, and its incense. Each to represent an element. 

After casting the circle, nor will be the time to focus on the Great Moon. Spread out your arms and call out to Her. Allow your energy to flow, and in return, absorb Her light. Give and take. When you are ready, chant the Great prayer. 

Sing, dance, stand your ground, and continue to chant until you feel the Great Moon enter your body. It is honestly difficult for me to describe how it feels once the transition happens, but I will say this, you will surely know when it does. 

Happy Blessings, brothers and sisters. I cannot express enough the happiness I felt knowing that you were all under the same Great Moon, and wishing blessings between us all. ~*~

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