Sisters and brothers, tonight is the new moon in Libra!  A powerful night for it is a rare Dark Moon. A wise night to preprare oneself for new changes, possibilities, and inspirations! So I have something here for you, my favorite time of the day.

Tea Time!

                         Air Tea Spell

This tea spell can be done any time when the moon is new, and preferably when it is in an air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra). It is to bring brilliant insight, a sense of great peace, and clarity. After casting the spell, be extra aware of your intuition, for it shall not fail to guide you. I will especially enjoy doing this before some divination work! Something to consider!

Steep the following herbs in boiling water, and if possible, in a yellow tea pot. 

  • 1 tablespoon Fenugreek Seeds
  • 4 died Clover Blossoms
  • Pinch of dried Lavender

After 5 minutes, sweeten with honey and either drink the mild tea OR mark the four directions and pour the tea on the ground outside, towards the East wind. 
However you choose, you shall still pray:

Winged Mercury, God of Air. I entreat you to bring me sight and true awareness. Like the Wind, speed my way, and make everything New. 

Blessed be, everyone. And Dark Moon Blessings!

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