​Hail & Welcome!

Last night, with a dear sister, we tapped into the Great Moon’s powerful magick. We focused on using the healing energies of Water. So naturally, with our Cauldron, we created a powerful Moon Elixir to restore inner balance between our mind, heart, and spirit. 

It was absolutely magical to watch the cauldron bubble and steam! It felt so traditional. In ways, we felt the ancient power course through us as we honored all the elements under the Great Moon. Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Spirit! We were One!

So I give to you, the brew we created. 

                               Moon Elixir

  • Tsp Mugwort
  • Tsp Jasmine
  • Tsp Spearmint
  • A Teapot’s worth of water

As the elixir is brewing, chant and empower the spell:

                        Mind, Body, Spirit

Drink during the enchanting hour of Midnight. Preferably under the moonlight of the Full Moon. And you shall immediately feel clearer, centered, and focused. 

Blessed be ~*~

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