Merry meet! Welcome!

The time of a new season is upon us, and once again celebration is in order! I prepared a list of activities to do for the 12 upcoming days until December 21st. And though I have a list, does not mean they can be copied. One thing is sure, that everyone creates their own traditions!

Day 1: Decorations & Candle Light Ritual
Day 2: Yule Tree
Day 3: Wish Ornament
Day 4: Full Moon Road Trip
Day 5: Make a 12 Herb Sachet
Day 6: Bake Winter Bread
Day 7: Make a Yule Log
Day 8: Holiday Gift Exchange To a Stranger
Day 9: Honor the Spirits
Day 10: Warm Tea & Rest
Day 11: Give Gifts & Feast
Day 12: Burn the Yule Log
Though the list of activities may change, every year I always begin the 12 days with a candle lighting ceremony. 

«First Day Towards the Winter Solstice»

Candle Light Ritual
Begins with turning off all lights in the home. Lighting one candle, walk through the house, beginning at the front door. Chant:

~ Within the dark, the candle shall light the way.
For though winter is cold, it shall not reign.
Within the dark, our hope shall not die.
For soon the Sun will rise in the sky.
Within the dark, there is no despair.
For our shining souls will renew and repair.
So sing songs into the Winter night,
For soon the winds shall bring Spring light. ~
This is a beautiful ceremony, that blesses the dark. You will notice a significant difference within the home. 

Blessed be, brothers and sisters! Enjoy your winter activities!

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