Merry meet! 

The winter season is here and a part of us now. However, before such time, we must help the Great Mother by ushering the season onto the land. 

We welcome this season, by embracing the Sun’s hopeful rays, and projecting these rays into the cold winter weather. All the while, accepting the dark chill, and creating balance within and around ourselves. 

Facing this seasonal balance, I then do morning prayers. It begins with my own winter incense blend. 

Winter Incense

Equal parts of:

  • Bay (or Bayberry)
  • Frankincense
  • Rosemary

    Then, I prepare a winter altar. As I light the winter candles, I burn the incense. Calling to the Goddess, I chant:

    We give honor and thanks to the Sun for it’s sustenance, warmth, and light

    *Ad Aurora*

    And as our blessed mother earth is rebirth in the spring
    So time is rebirth in the morning.

    *Ad Aurora*

    *Blessed be the Goddess*
    I open all windows, and let the winter season hear my call. We as one create a balance, and so comes the new year. 

    Blessed be. And happy holidays. 

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