Hello and welcome! Happy New Year!

Another year, but also a first anniversary! 1 year ago I had the blessed opportunity in creating this blog, and I will never forget the wondrous time and events that this path has brought. I shall always appreciate this year and the people that filled it with light. To the little miracles that had happened. And to the new coven of witches I had bonded with. Blessings, all of it!

Once more the wheel turns, and a new year is ushered in and embraced. Once more, the Great goddess was welcomed and witnessed. All around my town, the grounds are vibrant with energy and life. Though cold as winter is, the Goddess is still evident within the earth, the soil portraying her fertility. What a blessing to witness. 

The same ritual from a year ago was done to pay respect to the Goddess. From this ritual, an understanding was made to what this year shall be filled with. This year will bring new changes, and appreciation. Every month, new ways to better humble life will be discussed. Spells and rituals. Seasons. And of course, tea! So much to look forward to!

Every magical moment, loved and cherished. Recorded, like a book of shadows. 

New Year blessings to you all! I cannot wait go to see what this year will bring!

Blessed be

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