Merry meet,

This new moon is a glorious awakening. Of mind, and of new sight. The moon is in Aquarius’s chamber this night. A night for reflection, and creating a new innovative path for the future. Keep in mind, for this, one should consider casting spells to bless one’s choices and protect their path. 

A few simple spells to do under this new moon night. 

                  ~ New Moon Spells ~

Burn a sprig of Rosemary. As it burns, meditate within and chant:

“I honor myself during this new moon hour. The choices I make will be blessed with power.”

Create a hydrosol with Yellow or White Roses, and  Violets. Let it sit out under the New Moon sky. 
Use as a mist spray that day forward, for luck and to manifest your goals.

With a green candle, sprinkle Nutmeg powder over it’s flame, and chant:

“New Moon fire, cast my desire. The road before me shall be blessed.”

Gather a handful of Grains of Paradise. Find a special spot either outside your home, or open area, on the night of the New Moon. Or when you take a first step outside your home the day after a New Moon. Toss the Grains to each of the four directions, and make a wish.

Cast a circle of Bay Leaves, around a black candle. Light the candle and chant:

“Circle of protection, I cast onto me. The barrier is forged. No harm by earth, sky, or sea.”

Take care on this new moon night! Many blessings to you all.
Blessed Be ~*~

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