Welcome & Blessings!

Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog! My name is Azna.

I’ll be honest, I’m anxious and yet also excited to start this blog. I have been considering starting this for a year now, and after much consideration, and the persuasion from my sister witches; I have begun.

Like all witches; we center our focus on our own individual craft. My craft is grounded around nature, kitchen magick, and Triple Goddess worship. I especially love to incorporate tea in my spells and rituals. Quite honestly, I love tea so much and blend them for my spells, my sister witches have nicknamed me The Tea Witch.

The midnight hour is upon us, and I’m prepared to start my New Year ritual. It is the time the great Goddess rests and transforms into the young maiden; sleeping until Spring. Winter is here, and the time for rest is now. Meditate and reflect on what is most important. Plan and prepare for the Spring.

Thank you all for your interest, and I hope to continue this blog with peace and positive energies.

My next writings will consist of my New Year’s ritual.

Blessed Be )0(