Happy Samhain & Tea!

Great Samhain Blessings! 
Today, in our modern calendar, marks Halloween! Also called Samhain. Pronounced Sow-wen, or Sow-ween, is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, or the “darker half” of the year. Amongst witches, it is considered the new spiritual year. Being because, on this holy day, the spirits of the otherworld are allowed to visit the living and sow their old seeds. And with that our living souls are given new goals, dreams, and lessons to be taken in. 

Because our dear departed return to us on this holy night, it is tradition to pay them honor. We give them offerings of sliced apples, blessed tea, milk,  or barley. We light candles and place them on our window sills to light the way. We carve frightening pumpkins  to scare off the mischief of troublesome spirits. And renew the barriers around our homes to prepare for winter. 

Tonight’s Samhain falls on the waxing crescent, in Scorpio. Because as such, it is the ideal time for spiritual communication, balance, astral travel, blessing, prophetic dreams, seeking of enlightenment, calling guardian spirits, wisdom, power, and inspiration. In ritual, I will prepare and burn:

  • Sage
  • Patchouli
  • Mullein

The tea I have prepared for tonight’s ritual and offering is a delicious blend. 

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Chickweed
  • Skullcap
  • Slice of Lemon

Enjoy your Samhain in peace and in love. Cherish the loved ones you have, and honor the ones who have passed. In perfect love, and in perfect trust. 

Blessed be. 

Blood Moon Magick Elixir

​Hail & Welcome!

Last night, with a dear sister, we tapped into the Great Moon’s powerful magick. We focused on using the healing energies of Water. So naturally, with our Cauldron, we created a powerful Moon Elixir to restore inner balance between our mind, heart, and spirit. 

It was absolutely magical to watch the cauldron bubble and steam! It felt so traditional. In ways, we felt the ancient power course through us as we honored all the elements under the Great Moon. Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Spirit! We were One!

So I give to you, the brew we created. 

                               Moon Elixir

  • Tsp Mugwort
  • Tsp Jasmine
  • Tsp Spearmint
  • A Teapot’s worth of water

As the elixir is brewing, chant and empower the spell:

                        Mind, Body, Spirit

Drink during the enchanting hour of Midnight. Preferably under the moonlight of the Full Moon. And you shall immediately feel clearer, centered, and focused. 

Blessed be ~*~

Dragon & Tea Leaf Reading

Welcome and blessings!

I recently enjoyed a delicious cup of tea and had such fun with it, I had to share. It was a Darjeeling Black Tea, and had subtle sweet notes mixed with a dark smoky flavor. The tea was purchased from a wonderful metaphysical supply store called, Dragonmarsh. They are located in Riverside, California. They had multiple teas, and I just couldn’t help myself. I had to try one. 

The one I chose is called The Dragon Moon Tea. The name called to me, as well as it being a black tea (which I had run out of).

Tasting it last night confirmed to me that it would be a perfect black tea to use with other herbs to blend. Specifically to use for my own special blend called Soothing the Dragon (recipe coming soon). But as I drank, I realised that the tea leaves were also perfectly wide and bunched up enough to use for tea leaf readings. 
And so, I picked up my favorite divination cup and brewed. 

For some who have never read tea leaves before, it is actually quite simple. All there is to it, is to go with your first instincts, and imagination. Don’t sit there for a long period of time waiting to see a symbol pop up! Usually they appear immediately upon flipping the cup back up. 
Now to begin, after brewing the tea, sit and quietly enjoy the cup. All the while, trying not to drink any of the small floating tea leaves (happens a lot!). If you wish to know specifics, then focus on your question as you drink. However, if you want to just enjoy and see what messages may come, then relax and read a good book. Sip the tea until only about one tablespoon of water is left. 

Either over a saucer or sink, swirl and quickly pour the remains out. Flip the cup over and then freely glance around the cup. Usually the first symbols you see are the messages meant for you to know. 

Do you see any symbols? 

The first sign I noticed was the shape above the rest (between the crescent moon and pluto). To me, it looked like an angel sitting on a cloud. Upon seeing it, I felt a warm glow in my heart, and that is how I knew it was true. With that confirmed, I continued to look further to the bottom shape. And immediately I felt it looked like a nest. 

With these two symbols in mind, I concluded the message. Angels were watching over me and my home. Though this gave me comfort, I was not surpised. The past week I’ve been receiving signs of this happening. Which just showed me how all the elements around us are always giving us messages to know that we are not alone. That we are always looked after. So pay attention, most of the guiding spirits around us are always sending the same message, just in different ways.  

Tea leaf readings are best to do with teas that are large and bunched together. Typically oolong teas are used, but black teas also work great! Others have also blended specific teas to use during these readings, both to stimulate the psychic senses AND be large enough to spread out across the cup to show symbols. I like to keep to oolong and black teas however. I believe that’s enough, and tea inspires wisdom anyways. 

So, get to your tea, favorite cup, and have fun receiving the messages from the guiding spirits! Good luck!

& Blessed be…