May Day Magick

Happy Beltane, one and all!

And a very magical May day as well. 

Did you find yourselves out at dawn, rolling in the morning dew for a youth spell? Did you collect the blooming buds of flowers to weave beauty and charm into your life? Or alight the great Beltane fires and jumped over them to bring fortune for the rest of the year!

Beltane is one among the fire festivals of the seasons. The coming of two seasons, joining together for electric Spring and Summer passion. It’s after this holiday, that many could say notice a magical air within the weather. A cool and heated embrace.

Many witches love to cast their magicks during this time. The energies are charged. Wiccans associate this with the aftermath of the God and Goddess lovemaking. When magick is blessed by their joined power. Nevertheless, magick is especially potent; fertile, and is easily accessible at this time. 

Here are spells that are best done on Beltane, or anytime of this month. 

                    Hearth Flame Spell

Turn off all the lights of the home just before sunset. 

Outside, create a bonfire. Traditionally, 9 woods were casted into the fire to create a universal blessing. These woods are:

  • Birch
  • Rowan
  • Ash
  • Willow
  • Hawthorn
  • Alder 
  • Oak
  • Holly
  • Hazel

As the fire is ablaze, light a white candle and bring it into the home to rekindle the hearth fire. 

One can say a prayer or chant:

                     temporum beneficia
Season’s blessings. 

Allow the white candle to burn down for the rest of the night. And the spell is done.


                Flame and Smoke Spell

For the coming summer, one has to cleanse and prepare. The summer season is time of change and activity, so this purification will help get you ready for the challenges to come. 

Gather 2 candles. Color code it to fit with the sort of cleansing you wish. 

  • White is universal cleanse
  • Yellow is mental cleanse
  • Blue is emotional cleanse
  • Green is body cleanse
  • Purple is spirit cleanse

Gather 2 incense. Again try to best fit with your cleanse. 

  • Frankincense is universal
  • Copal is mental
  • Myrrh is emotions
  • Sandalwood is body
  • Dragon’s Blood is spirit

Sit in between these candles and incense and allow it to purify all that is within. Meditate. The spell is done. 


                    The Sun’s Blessing

The sun is fully awake at this time, and grows stronger as summer nears. Sing to the Sun at noon time, to call down his blessings for the coming summer. It doesn’t matter which song to sing, just as long as it comes from the heart. 


                             May Rain

Any rain that falls during this month is especially potent with magical properties. Collect the rainwater in order to contribute to most any spells. From healing, to cleanses, to prosperity, and luck. To love, to happiness, to mental powers, and psychic. Rainwater can even be distilled in order to add to magical dishes and teas!


This is but a few, and yet so much more can be done during this time of May. Be inspired, and feel the magick all around!

Blessed Be

The Full Moon Gathering (part 2)

Hello, beautiful souls!

It has been a few days since the full moon, and I have rested well enough to write about the experience. From the last blog, I had written of the reflections that came to me during that night. The appreciation I have for all the new souls I’ve been gifted upon meeting. Along with this moment, an inspiration had struck me. I had decided to hold a gathering for all these beings to come together and cast under the Great Moon. 

The gathering was a success. As far as I know of, more than twenty people gathered under the same full Thunder Moon, prayed, and casted their hopes and dreams… It was a moment beyond compare. I still feel their energy whispering across the skies. The Great Moon was shining brighter than ever that night, and She gifted me the power to feel all those around me. 

The night was warm and electric. The circle was vibrant with an aura that held no bounds. As I called down the moon, the wind picked up and caressed my skin, but alas I felt my spirit soar and merge with the Great Moon spirit. My body a vessel, I heard and felt the beats and rhythms from the others across the lands, seas, and world. A moment that I know others had felt as well. 

For that moment, we were all connected. True brothers and sisters, our body and souls were One. The Great Moon flew us across the night sky. Connected to the stars and the oceans. We sang and danced our words and steps. Lastly, we ended with a blessing and a protection. 

If one does not know how to call down the moon, it’s perfectly simple. And yet, it will require focus, unity with the energies around you, and most importantly… belief. 

Before calling down the moon, you must prepare yourself. Most witches would do a cleansing, such as a bath or a smudging. Once after the purification, then a circle can be created. A circle is a great protection, especially when your energies are open to the elements. I cleanse my circles using salt, rain water, burning sage, and its incense. Each to represent an element. 

After casting the circle, nor will be the time to focus on the Great Moon. Spread out your arms and call out to Her. Allow your energy to flow, and in return, absorb Her light. Give and take. When you are ready, chant the Great prayer. 

Sing, dance, stand your ground, and continue to chant until you feel the Great Moon enter your body. It is honestly difficult for me to describe how it feels once the transition happens, but I will say this, you will surely know when it does. 

Happy Blessings, brothers and sisters. I cannot express enough the happiness I felt knowing that you were all under the same Great Moon, and wishing blessings between us all. ~*~

Thunder Moon Reflections

It has been too long! I am humbled and grateful to be so busy as of late. Facebook has been truly fortunate, and who knew social media was a whole different level and time consuming?…

Oh wait..yea! Haha

But in all honesty, it has been so enchanting meeting new souls around this world! So many beautiful and heart felt stories… Lives! I’ve had the privilege to meet and make different sisters and brothers across the lands. And I’ve been proud of every single one that was kind enough to speak from the heart. 

There is so many living souls on this Mother Earth, with different goals, fears, and dreams. It’s been a wonder learning, advising, and listening to each one. Thank the Goddess for all your beautiful lives. As I sit here now, praying and meditating with the Great Moon, I feel the connection between us all. A connection that is not Earth bound, but on a universal level. 

Often we do not notice this bond, but there is no denying the spiritual paths that are intertwined together. All of our paths. We enter each other’s lives with purpose and reason. Meant to always leave a mark, however big or small. Good or bad. 

Realizing this simple truth humbles me. I immediately think of how we are all important, special, and the same. Not alone. We each share a power together. A connection. 

Which leads me to my special idea. The Great Thunder Moon inspires me! Encourages me to send out blessed protective energies to those in need. I want to invite others to contribute! To call forth and ask of my brothers and sisters to join together during the blessed Full Moon, and chant as one. 

I’m now feeling inspired to write the chant; the Great Moon singing sweet muses in my ear. I shall fix together either an alter candle or bonfire. Prepare an enchanting incense. And cast the spell when the Moon is nigh! Oh Goddess, I pray that others will join. 

Blessed be this night, and the more to come. Blessed be the brothers and sisters I have met and bonded with. Blessed be the thunder moon’s reflections. Blessed be all of you. Happy Full Moon!

12 Days of Summer

I have been very active on Facebook about the upcoming Summer Solstice and felt it important to share. The past few years I have fallen in love with the tradition of celebrating for 12 days leading up to Litha. I thought of doing this when it was December and I was celebrating 12 days then. I saw how being together with friends and family, celebrating the season, brought so much joy and laughter. Each day brought renewal, which is important for the winter. So I considered, well, the Summer brings laughter, joy, and energy. Why not use that magic to bring love, health, and happiness into our lives for each season?!

So began the tradition of celebrating 12 days. And it has been a joy! Every year, I try to do something new, but also keeping traditional ideas. It keeps one active, both in mind, and in heart. It keeps family close, and friends together.

Consider what you can do. Mark each day with something fun, whether small or big. Make it your own, and be creative! Honor the season, the Sun, with your own shining light!


~May Day~

Happy May 1st, everyone!

The summer season is approaching and energies are vibrant in the air!
As some know, today marks the same for most witches as Beltane! The day when the God and Goddess are finally united and bond in each other’s embrace. It is the also the time when the season is abundant with joy, fertility, and magic.

To really analyze the energies of this day is quite simply put that the forces of nature are binding together to create the coming season. This is why Beltane is associated with fertility, hope, and joy. The summer season is approaching, which brings hope and joy. The season changing is in a sense an act of birth; hence for fertility.

Beltane is celebrated in different ways; the most popular one being of course the May pole. A May pole is a symbol of the joining between the God and Goddess. Ribbons are wrapped around the base as people dance around. Traditionally, a meal is shared as a representation of unity.

As witches, one can either celebrate on May 1st or May Eve, which is the night for witches to gather. I generally like to celebrate on May Eve. I was fortunate enough to be with a friend and went dancing at an amazing vibrant event; everyone was joyous, free, and united. I couldn’t have been more blessed! On the first of May, I shared a meal with my hubby.

However you’d like to celebrate is up to the family or witch. May your day be blessed and your family joyous!

Blessed be!

The Tea Witch