Storm Magick


I had dear friends and sisters inspire me to write about the tremendous power that comes from Storm Magicks, and how to embrace this craft. Worked on it for 3 days straight, trying to pick out all the knowledge I had learned over the years. Well I’m proud to say I finished. So for your enjoyment and magical knowledge, I give to you…

Storm Magick

Storm magick is both thrilling and terrifying power to harness. And I use harness lightly. Connecting to this form of power is exactly like working with the elements and weather magick. It is using the energies of the storm to manifest your will. It’s just like when using the elements to connect your power to the source of all magick.

However, storms are also on a different level. A witch can look at a storm as a form of a battery. The energy that creates a storm charges the air all around you, to the very ground you stand on. To the wind that blows, and to the rain that falls, are all empowered. A storm carries all the elements a witch holds dear. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Even Spirit, for a storm empowers people as well.
So as a battery, a witch can learn to connect with the storm. They infuse his/her energy with it, and channel their magick to manifest their desire. All who have done it will say that it is certainly a rush of power coursing through the veins. Storm magick is so potent, that once familiar on how to wield its power, one doesn’t need any tools or ritual. Although I would recommend anti-lightening charms.
It is important to remember however, that storm magick is wild. Wild and neutral. It carries both positive and negative energies. It can both bless and destroy the land. Because of this, storm magick must be respected. Do not think that you can control the storm. Your merely working with it. If you ever do think you are master of the storm, watch your magick falter, ego has gotten in the way. And that can even turn against you.
One must approach the storm with an even temper, and a focused will before attempting to connect with its power. This is because a storm can absorb the energies you feed it, just like it feeds you. Believe me, once I hadn’t gotten over being very upset before connecting with a storm that was supposed to last for a day, it stormed for a week! Nasty one, it caused a power outage in my neighborhood. And trees were blown over.

Connecting to a storm for the first time
For a beginner who has never once connected to a storm, I feel it best that they meditate during one for their first try. They must meditate for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Inside, windows open so that they could listen to the rain, feel the wind, and connect to the thunder and lightning. Meditate with no thoughts other than the storm. Use your senses to feel the way it lives. Breathe in its power and release it. Do this for however long you feel it’s best. You will know when you are connected. There is no doubt, there is a surge of energy you can feel radiating through you. The energy feels different for some; it can be chills shivering up and down the body, warm heat filling the belly, or cool energy streaming up the spine. Feel how it effects you. Personally I get cool chills throughout the body with heat flowing through my core.

If meditation is not for you, there are many other methods to get into that meditative state. I know of others who do yoga, sacred dance, or like the native Americans do it, a drum circle gathering. However way helps you connect to the energies around you, go for it! All these meditation techniques can also be used for weather magick.

When you feel connected, test it. Call for a rise in wind, rain, thunder, or for a flash of lightening. Wait for 10mins or less, if nothing happens, you need to continue to meditate and become familiar with the flow of energy coursing through you. If what you call forth happens, good for you! You are connected. Your flow of energy is in sync with the storm. But don’t get too excited or carried away, you can either lose focus, or make the storm worse!

Generally once you become familiar with how the energy feels and you can connect to it instantly, one can skip the meditation in the beginning. As one continues practicing storm magick, they can become so in tune with this craft, that they can even begin to sense when a storm is coming. You can feel the energy in the air, much like a sailor can smell the rain of one brewing.
Now that you have practiced connecting to the storm, the next step is harnessing this energy in order to manifest your intent. Because storm magick has both positive and negative energies, any spell can be casted. Often when beginning in storm magick, witches set up their altars to perform their spells. This should feel familiar, because you are casting a spell. The only difference, it is highly charged with the storm’s power. The tools and altars help the witch to remain focus on their intent. Which is essential in practicing with storm magick. The thought and desire must be clear, the clearer the picture the quicker it will manifest. The same can be said if your thoughts are jumbled. Overall, like the ole saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because the storm will cast it far into the winds. After a few storm spell practices, you may be able to do without the tools and altars. You’ll simply be able to connect to the storm, and project your spell through your energy.
All this is for thunderstorms, but of course there are many other kinds of weather storms. And each have their own special spells and rituals that can be done.

  • Regular Rain Storms are good for purification, love, healing, friendships, beauty, youth, releasing negative energies, thoughts and emotions.
  • Heavy Wind Storms are a good time for mental spells, studies, travel, breaking addictions and habits. Sending messages to others, both living and dead. And wishes.
  • Snow Storms are for purification, healing matters of the heart, transformational magick, change, protection, and renewal.
  • Fire Storms. This is when the searing heat of the Sun causes a blaze of fire to the land, and the winds sweep it across. It happens on a yearly basis here in California. Protection, courage, power, banishment, and commanding/oath spells are done during this time. Very dangerous though, one would need to be close to the flaming storm.
  • Storms during an Eclipse. These storms are rare, and because of such are extremely powerful. I have been told that these times of great power can be channeled to cure diseases, and banish unwanted energies, as well as successful exorcisms, if you believe in that.

Tips for working with storm magick

  • Keep it simple. After years of practicing with the weather, I found there’s really no need for big fancy rituals. All you truly need is you, and the willingness to open your soul.
  • Only work with this sort of magick if you feel calm and fluid. Put simply, if there is blockage in your energy, wait for the next storm to pass.
  • If you wish to work with tools, its very handy to have a baggie that is already packed with candles, oils, and/or incense.
  • Keep a fresh cup of tea near. Peppermint or chamomile, or if you’ll like, blended! Sometimes the first time connecting to such powerful energies can leave you feeling empowered, but it may also cause reverse reactions. Like nausea, dizziness, and/or drained.
  • Some storms blow over quick, so be prepared to work fast, and spur of the moment.
  • Work indoors, if you can. Some may think this odd since your working with a storm, but lightening strikes are no joke. Lightening kills more people in a year, than a tornado does. And since we are conducting energy between ourselves and the storm, there is the risky chance that you can attract one to you, or near. Another good reason to create anti-lightening charms. Or for the serious weather witch, a lightening rod. These help a lot! I’ll never forget the time I was using a lightening storm for banishment and enlightenment, and there were strikes left and right of me. Since I was staying in a hotel, many of the surrounding hotels had lightening rods. Phew for that…
  • Remember that you and the storm are One. The energy between you two must flow fluidly. The fastest way to connect to its power, is to simply surrender to it.
  • Growing Mugwort, marjoram, or Saint John’s Wort, protects the home from storms and lightening. Carrying or hanging acorns also serves as a protection charm from lightening.
  • Fern is a great addition to storm offering incense. If you wish for a rain storm, add heather.
  • Any water collected while you are connected to the storm is especially potent for you and your craft.
  • Any tools left out in the storm is going to be charged, especially stones and crystals.
  • Fulgurite is a powerful glass stone that was created by lightening itself! When lightning strikes sandy soil or sand, this stone is born! It is vibrant with power and has been used in storm magicks as a tool for manifesting your desires. It also helps empower the chakras, assists shaman work, healing, psychic workings, and paired with other stones or blends to charge them.

The list can go on and on, because that is how widespread storm magick can be. Go out there and try it and see what new knowledge you will discover and learn, and pass on!

Great Stormy Blessings, everyone!

May Day Magick

Happy Beltane, one and all!

And a very magical May day as well. 

Did you find yourselves out at dawn, rolling in the morning dew for a youth spell? Did you collect the blooming buds of flowers to weave beauty and charm into your life? Or alight the great Beltane fires and jumped over them to bring fortune for the rest of the year!

Beltane is one among the fire festivals of the seasons. The coming of two seasons, joining together for electric Spring and Summer passion. It’s after this holiday, that many could say notice a magical air within the weather. A cool and heated embrace.

Many witches love to cast their magicks during this time. The energies are charged. Wiccans associate this with the aftermath of the God and Goddess lovemaking. When magick is blessed by their joined power. Nevertheless, magick is especially potent; fertile, and is easily accessible at this time. 

Here are spells that are best done on Beltane, or anytime of this month. 

                    Hearth Flame Spell

Turn off all the lights of the home just before sunset. 

Outside, create a bonfire. Traditionally, 9 woods were casted into the fire to create a universal blessing. These woods are:

  • Birch
  • Rowan
  • Ash
  • Willow
  • Hawthorn
  • Alder 
  • Oak
  • Holly
  • Hazel

As the fire is ablaze, light a white candle and bring it into the home to rekindle the hearth fire. 

One can say a prayer or chant:

                     temporum beneficia
Season’s blessings. 

Allow the white candle to burn down for the rest of the night. And the spell is done.


                Flame and Smoke Spell

For the coming summer, one has to cleanse and prepare. The summer season is time of change and activity, so this purification will help get you ready for the challenges to come. 

Gather 2 candles. Color code it to fit with the sort of cleansing you wish. 

  • White is universal cleanse
  • Yellow is mental cleanse
  • Blue is emotional cleanse
  • Green is body cleanse
  • Purple is spirit cleanse

Gather 2 incense. Again try to best fit with your cleanse. 

  • Frankincense is universal
  • Copal is mental
  • Myrrh is emotions
  • Sandalwood is body
  • Dragon’s Blood is spirit

Sit in between these candles and incense and allow it to purify all that is within. Meditate. The spell is done. 


                    The Sun’s Blessing

The sun is fully awake at this time, and grows stronger as summer nears. Sing to the Sun at noon time, to call down his blessings for the coming summer. It doesn’t matter which song to sing, just as long as it comes from the heart. 


                             May Rain

Any rain that falls during this month is especially potent with magical properties. Collect the rainwater in order to contribute to most any spells. From healing, to cleanses, to prosperity, and luck. To love, to happiness, to mental powers, and psychic. Rainwater can even be distilled in order to add to magical dishes and teas!


This is but a few, and yet so much more can be done during this time of May. Be inspired, and feel the magick all around!

Blessed Be

First Full Moon 2017

Hello and blessings!

Today marks the first full moon of the new year! Happy times! And especially magical times. The moom is in Cancer, which strongly pulls at our greatest heart’s desires. Anything that concerns matters of the heart, relationships, friendships, personal healings, should be done on this full moon night. 

I only saw this night for blessings and honor for others. I set outside my circle, and all that I needed for the ritual. It was so fortunate that the rain passed through without reaching my neighborhood. I was praying for that. From this, the sky was clear, with only the moon shining bright over me. 

I casted the circle, and summoned the four guardians of the watchtowers. Then I called upon Diana, the Great Moon. Which was revitalizing and empowering! I created a simple full moon incense to burn during ritual. The incense consisted of two resins that many will already know of, for it is popular. 

  • Sandalwood 
  • Myrrh

These two resins combined create a sacred space and protects it from unwanted energies. They are also resins of the moon, so I burned them in offering to the Great Moon. 

I also had decided to charge some moon tea. Since the moon is in a water element, I found it fitting. The tea was:

  • Green tea
  • Jasmine
  • And a pinch of Mugwort

During ritual, I swirled the bottle clockwise, three times, and shine the full moon light through the glass. Then chanted what I wished for it to magically be blessed with. And then left it under the moonlight all night until the raining morning. Jasmine is associated with the moon and horoscope sign of Cancer. Whereas Mugwort is related to the divinity of Diana of the Great Moon. The green tea ties them together by bringing balance and wisdom. 

After all was said and done, and blessings were casted, I closed the circle. But not before taking a moment to pay honor to the Earth, and the spirits within. This was a wonderful, and fulfilling ritual. A perfect first moon to start for the rest of the year. 

Many blessings to you all! And I hope your full moon rituals went beautifully!

Blessed Be!

Ushering in the Winter Season

Merry meet! 

The winter season is here and a part of us now. However, before such time, we must help the Great Mother by ushering the season onto the land. 

We welcome this season, by embracing the Sun’s hopeful rays, and projecting these rays into the cold winter weather. All the while, accepting the dark chill, and creating balance within and around ourselves. 

Facing this seasonal balance, I then do morning prayers. It begins with my own winter incense blend. 

Winter Incense

Equal parts of:

  • Bay (or Bayberry)
  • Frankincense
  • Rosemary

    Then, I prepare a winter altar. As I light the winter candles, I burn the incense. Calling to the Goddess, I chant:

    We give honor and thanks to the Sun for it’s sustenance, warmth, and light

    *Ad Aurora*

    And as our blessed mother earth is rebirth in the spring
    So time is rebirth in the morning.

    *Ad Aurora*

    *Blessed be the Goddess*
    I open all windows, and let the winter season hear my call. We as one create a balance, and so comes the new year. 

    Blessed be. And happy holidays. 

    The 12 Days of Winter Solstice

    Merry meet! Welcome!

    The time of a new season is upon us, and once again celebration is in order! I prepared a list of activities to do for the 12 upcoming days until December 21st. And though I have a list, does not mean they can be copied. One thing is sure, that everyone creates their own traditions!

    Day 1: Decorations & Candle Light Ritual
    Day 2: Yule Tree
    Day 3: Wish Ornament
    Day 4: Full Moon Road Trip
    Day 5: Make a 12 Herb Sachet
    Day 6: Bake Winter Bread
    Day 7: Make a Yule Log
    Day 8: Holiday Gift Exchange To a Stranger
    Day 9: Honor the Spirits
    Day 10: Warm Tea & Rest
    Day 11: Give Gifts & Feast
    Day 12: Burn the Yule Log
    Though the list of activities may change, every year I always begin the 12 days with a candle lighting ceremony. 

    «First Day Towards the Winter Solstice»

    Candle Light Ritual
    Begins with turning off all lights in the home. Lighting one candle, walk through the house, beginning at the front door. Chant:

    ~ Within the dark, the candle shall light the way.
    For though winter is cold, it shall not reign.
    Within the dark, our hope shall not die.
    For soon the Sun will rise in the sky.
    Within the dark, there is no despair.
    For our shining souls will renew and repair.
    So sing songs into the Winter night,
    For soon the winds shall bring Spring light. ~
    This is a beautiful ceremony, that blesses the dark. You will notice a significant difference within the home. 

    Blessed be, brothers and sisters! Enjoy your winter activities!

    Autumn Equinox

    The Autumn equinox is the day Fall meets with the end of summer. The day becomes equal balance, and along with it, a thin veil that allows magick to soar. It is a time to shed what no longer serves, as one prepares for the cooling seasons, and calls upon the equinox to instill inner balance. Obviously, this time of the year is for spells that bring equilibrium, cancel out bad habits, cleansings, and new beginnings.
    Not only is this a perfect time for spell work, but as well as welcoming the new season. As witches, our desirous duties are to usher in every annual equinox. We call it forth to be embraced within our hearts and into our communities. Honor and respect is given to the land. And rituals of magical bonds are formed with the Goddess. 

    My Autumn equinox was as magical as ever. Truly enchanting with its own symbolism at every turn. The day of the new season, rain had approached, and broke out in perfect showers. As the Sun slowly left the sky, the clouds dispersed, and a rainbow caressed the horizon. A balancing aura filled our hearts that day, and Fall was now a part of us. 

    Rain water was collected, and with it I used to bless the incense I created specifically for my Autumn ritual. 

                          Autumn Incense

    • Sage
    • Myrrh
    • Marigold

    Grind to a fine powder, add a few rain drops and chant:

                     Autumnus bona, ego talem.

    The incense was burned the morning of the equinox. All the while, chanting and calling praises to the Great Goddess. My ritual was simple yet powerful. The windows to my home were open and great gusts of the Goddess’s breath met mine as I called on Her and I continued to usher in the season. A video of my ritual can be seen on Facebook.

    Bright Autumn blessings to you all, and may this great season fill you with balance and harmony. Stay warm!

    The Full Moon Gathering (part 2)

    Hello, beautiful souls!

    It has been a few days since the full moon, and I have rested well enough to write about the experience. From the last blog, I had written of the reflections that came to me during that night. The appreciation I have for all the new souls I’ve been gifted upon meeting. Along with this moment, an inspiration had struck me. I had decided to hold a gathering for all these beings to come together and cast under the Great Moon. 

    The gathering was a success. As far as I know of, more than twenty people gathered under the same full Thunder Moon, prayed, and casted their hopes and dreams… It was a moment beyond compare. I still feel their energy whispering across the skies. The Great Moon was shining brighter than ever that night, and She gifted me the power to feel all those around me. 

    The night was warm and electric. The circle was vibrant with an aura that held no bounds. As I called down the moon, the wind picked up and caressed my skin, but alas I felt my spirit soar and merge with the Great Moon spirit. My body a vessel, I heard and felt the beats and rhythms from the others across the lands, seas, and world. A moment that I know others had felt as well. 

    For that moment, we were all connected. True brothers and sisters, our body and souls were One. The Great Moon flew us across the night sky. Connected to the stars and the oceans. We sang and danced our words and steps. Lastly, we ended with a blessing and a protection. 

    If one does not know how to call down the moon, it’s perfectly simple. And yet, it will require focus, unity with the energies around you, and most importantly… belief. 

    Before calling down the moon, you must prepare yourself. Most witches would do a cleansing, such as a bath or a smudging. Once after the purification, then a circle can be created. A circle is a great protection, especially when your energies are open to the elements. I cleanse my circles using salt, rain water, burning sage, and its incense. Each to represent an element. 

    After casting the circle, nor will be the time to focus on the Great Moon. Spread out your arms and call out to Her. Allow your energy to flow, and in return, absorb Her light. Give and take. When you are ready, chant the Great prayer. 

    Sing, dance, stand your ground, and continue to chant until you feel the Great Moon enter your body. It is honestly difficult for me to describe how it feels once the transition happens, but I will say this, you will surely know when it does. 

    Happy Blessings, brothers and sisters. I cannot express enough the happiness I felt knowing that you were all under the same Great Moon, and wishing blessings between us all. ~*~

    New Moon Crystal Cleanse

    Merry meet all! Welcome!

    The past new moon was a time to do a cleansing for my amulet.

    An amulet, is a jewel or stone that is meant to protect the wearer against evil, curses, and illness.
    From time to a time, any sort of jewlery that is considered an amulet must be cleansed and refreshed.

    The New Moon is the best night to do this for your amulets. The reason being this moon cycle as a time of rest. No magick is done during this period. Meditations, restings, and cleansings are appropriate.

    Cleansing my amulet was simple. I simply placed my stone in a small glass dish (recommended) with a pinch of sea salt. I was fortunate enough that it was a rainy night. So extra cleansing was in store. I set outside the dish and left it to sit just a little after midnight. By then, I took it and placed it under my grape vines. It is also recommended to bury an amulet in the soil, but I had my reasons to not do it this time. Either way, the amulet still gets to soak in the Earth’s energy.
    By morning, my amulet was cleansed and refreshed. I felt my energy restored and lighter.
    Any other method can work as simply. You could cleanse with any element you wish. Such as smoke or flame. If I was to use the smoke method, I would most likely choose to burn bay or rosemary leaves then smudge my amulet through the smoke.
    Of course since it beautifully rained through the new moon night, I couldn’t have been happier. Especially since water is the ultimate element to cleanse anything.
    Anywho, hope this method helps anyone who is searching for ways to purify their tools and/or amulets, talismans, or even themselves!

    Blessed be!

    ~The Tea Witch