The Cold Moon in January

Hello All!

Welcome back in this newest update! We had an exciting last week with the upcoming full moon and a planetary alignment!! I was very happy to learn that the best day of the alignment was on the day of the full moon. I hope we all had our chance for rituals and spells!

As for me, I decided to dedicate this time in preparing my stream and snow water for Imbolc, as well as create a Full Moon bath salt blend, and lastly enjoy calling down the moon with a fresh pot of tea.

I will be much more specific when it comes to the Water Blessing in another post. So for now I will discuss the Full Moon Bath Salts. As probably you all can tell, I love bath salts, right along next to TEA! But these salts are by far my favorite to bathe in; because of the revitalizing scent!


1/2 Cup of Epsom Salt

1/4 Cup of Baking Soda

Drops of Jasmine Oil

Drops of Orange Oil

Drops of Grapefruit Oil

Again, I say drops because it completely depends on the individual! Of course I put a lot! The scent is to die for, and I just love the way it lingers on the skin. My hubby sure finds it alluring, hehe. I suppose because I designed it around the basis of the Full Moon itself. The moon alone is so enchanting.

Now, I chose Jasmine because of its lunar correspondence; it is an oil that honors the Moon Goddess. Orange and Grapefruit I decided upon because of their uplifting, purification properties, as well as their creativity, psychic enhancement, meditation, and self-courage attributes. Within the salt, I casted a symbol, much like the New Moon Blend. This symbol is like so: *O*

And I had chanted:

Lunaris Benictionem

(The Moon’s Blessing)

Now remember, that yes it is perfect to use these salts at the time of the Full moon before any ritual or spell work. You need to get the spirit energized and cleansed! And also, I HIGHLY recommend meditating (if you  don’t already do so) during the bath. Such wonders you come across! Especially considering that this blend is helpful to get the creative juices flowing! LOVE!

Now, it wouldn’t be right to not have any TEA involved in this! After the bath, I went outside to sit and enjoy a cup of tea under the Full Moon. I called down the Goddess, with a white candle, a Goddess blended incense, and with my open spirit. Simple.

When calling down the Goddess; many different witches have their own way of chanting to Her, but I rather just speak from the heart, and I never fail to feel her presence within me.

My Full Moon tea blend is much like the bath salts.

Full Moon Tea Blend

White Tea

Jasmine Blossoms

Orange Blossoms

Enjoy these blends and many blessings fellow witches!

Blessed Be~

The Tea Witch

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Witch’s Poetry

Merry Meet fellow Witches!

I’m so looking forward to the upcoming Full moon this Saturday. I wonder if you all are anxiously waiting as well! I have plans to do a full moon bath, and then afterwards an honoring candle lighting tea ceremony for the Cold Moon in January.  Since I do not have any desires to be invoked, I plan to bless water for the upcoming Imbolc in February.

The water blessing I’m truly excited for because the water I gathered is both melted snow and stream from California’s Big Bear Mountain. It is customary to bless water on the full moon before Imbolc; because during the Sabbat is a time to bless the soil to ready it for the approaching Spring. Highly symbolic for one’s self as well, because of the comparison between the ritual and blessing one’s own life in preparation of Spring.

But until then, I will like to add a poem! ^-^

Between rituals, tea, spells, writing, home, work, and the hubby; I LOVE reading poetry! Poetry is such a wonder, inspiring, mind opening, and even enchanting. Witch poetry tickles me the most, and I love to collect them! So for today, I will share one short poem I read and couldn’t help fall in love with its charming allure.


New Moon Bath Salts & Tea

I have been writing a lot of posts that start with New; I just got a kick out of that, and couldn’t help but laugh! HA!

Anyways; as the title explains, we have recently experienced a new moon. And along with it the time to celebrate NEW BEGINNINGS! It is a perfect time to bless and purify our minds, hearts and set new goals.

Witches, in general, follow their moods and rituals around the phases of the moon. I am one of those witches. I feel the energies during different phases, and since there’s less moon, it brings a clear mind.

I generally love to do a cleansing new moon bath, and since I ran out of my (new moon) bath salts, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to document it.


1/2 Cup Epsom Salt

1/4 Cup Baking Soda

Drops Eucalyptus Oil

Drops Peppermint Oil

Drops White Sage Oil

Now I wrote drops because I believe it all depends on the preference of the individual on how strong they want their bath salt. I myself dropped a generous amount in my batch. Not only because of its magical properties but because it is a wonderful use for when one is feeling under the weather, or for sinus tension.

Peppermint, eucalyptus, and white sage all have cleansing, balancing, and clarity magical properties. Eucalyptus especially is grand for any sort of lunar magick, and I love to incorporate it in my bath salts. I grinded the salt and baking soda together, that way it would be easier to dissolve in the bath. During and after mixing I lit a black candle and then chanted a blessing.Once again in Latin:

Calendarum Initiis

(New Moon Beginnings)

I’m  going to upload a picture, and those of you who check it out  may notice that within the salt is a symbol. During the blessing I engraved the salt with a moon glyph that represent the new moon. It looks a little something like this; *(+)*     Two dots on either side, a circle, and a star within.

I look forward to bathing in these salts, and when I do, I fully intend on relaxing and enjoying a good pot of magical tea.


Tbsp. Black Tea

Tsp. Mint

Tsp. Jasmine


Happy New Beginnings my fellow witches. Blessed be!

~The Tea Witch







New Year’s Incense & Tea

So when I had done my New Year’s ritual I had incorporated my own blend of incense and tea. I figured it would be helpful to share my recipe blend.

New Year’s Incense

  • Frankincense
  • Jasmine Petals
  • Cinquefoil
  • Bay Leaves

I used a tsp. of each and then gave it a good grind. I decided on these herbs because bay and frankincense represent the winter season; whereas jasmine and cinquefoil are dedicated to the spring. I saw these as a symbol of the Crone and Maiden transforming/blending together. Also to include that frankincense and bay are to purify, cleanse, and protect the spirit. Jasmine and cinquefoil are for love, luck, health, and to banish negative forces. For me, it is the perfect new year’s incense.

New Year’s Tea Blend

  • Raspberry Leaves
  • Orange Peel
  • Rose Hips
  • Chicory Root

Again I used a tsp. of each. This blend is so helpful in the beginning of the year because of its magical properties. Combined together this tea summons health, luck, love, protection, wisdom, and unblocking ones path.

These blends have worked for me for years. And every new year seems to blossom and grow. After blending, be sure to bless these herbs.

It depends on the witch, but I love to bless and chant in Latin. My blessing chant was:

Benedicat Herbam Anni

Well I hope this post is helpful to any who are interested.

Blessed be fellow witches. And once again, happy new year!

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New Year Ritual

On the night of New Year’s Day, was the time the ritual began.

To explain, I begun this blog to record my rituals and craft. If it be of use for anyone seeking their way, I am honored if this peek into my life may help.

As the new wheel turns the first day of the year marks a time to cleanse ones heart, mind, and spirit. It is to prepare and to meditate on days of the past, and towards the days of the future. But of what is most important on this day is to acknowledge the present, and to discover the transformation within. The ritual is based on this belief. It is based around the teachings of the Crone Goddess. The Crone descends into winter’s slumber. And as she sleeps, her Spring-filled dreams awaken hope within. Hope of a blooming year. The Goddess transforms into the young Maiden. As she sleeps, she meditates on what is within, and all around her. She acknowledges the known, what is to be, and what is.

Grow from your experiences, face your challenges, and prepare for any changes you seek (or not). The Crone speaks to stand your ground, but to ever be hopeful of the future.

I know of fellow sister witches that love to do this ritual at the beach. They love to cleanse in the salty waters at midnight, then cast their circle in the morning rise. It is an exhilarating experience, and I highly recommend it! Alas, however, I could not make it to the beach this year. So I had to make different plans.

I dedicated my hearth to be the center of my ritual. I casted New Year Incense onto charcoal. Incense that was dedicated to the Crone and Maiden forms. A circle was created to call forth the Guardians of the four corners, and of course, the Goddess. I set out candles to represent my spirit guides. Placed two candles (one black and one white; to represent the crone transforming into the maiden/ an end to a new beginning) at the center. Lastly, I included my small teapot; a perfect little shot of tea that works for spells and rituals! I steeped herbs for cleansing and unblocking paths.

The ritual was beautiful, both uplifting, and spiritual. I felt honored with the energies around me. I chanted a prayer in honor of the Goddess, then requested good blessings. Left an offering of seeds, a symbol of transformation, and when the time is right, I will plant them for the Spring.

I have considered and decided to post my New Year’s incense and tea blend, in case any are interested of what it was consisted of.

Blessed be, fellow witches. And happy New Year!newyearritual