Aura Repair

Let us rejoice towards the waning of the moon!

Beginning today, the last quarter moon is shedding its energy. Turning away from the active energies of the past, to rest and regenerate to begin again. Just as the Moon restores, so shall we. It is time to renew for a new beginning, rest, and then glow again with fresh power. To a turn of a new tide.

What I love to do most during this moon time, is to go to the spa to cleanse and relax. Not only does it feel good for the body, but for the soul. Every room feels like cozy warm blankets. The air carries a zen ambience that calls to your senses. Seemingly endless pools of liquid heat and rejuvenating jet streams, soothing the muscles and heart. Every chakra point being called to open. Soothing sea salts fill every corner of the steam rooms. And amazingly pink Himalayan salt rooms covering every inch of the room. Resting in one of these rooms not only renews the aura, it centers a psychic’s abilities like chocolate syrup on top of ice cream! You feel so soothed by the end of the spa visit, and vibrant by your fresh energy, you can’t help but end the day with a good cup of tea, and then a peaceful nap. The next day is like seeing a sparkling new world. And your magick can touch and feel all the wonders of the Earth.

I highly recommend the experience! Search for your closest korean spa, and go! Now! I recommend searching on Groupon. GROUPON has the best deals for Korean spas, and can help find the closest one to your location. So definitely, check it out. Because nothing is more delicious, than living deliciously. Ha!


And that tea I mentioned earlier after such an amazing experience at the spa? Well, gladly sip on this tasty treat. This mix blend is a favorite of mine. I drink on this after my spa day. It keeps my spirits up, long after the moon is dark. Blend and enjoy with top quality organic ingredients only. That’s really the only best kind. And please be considerate of your health. Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Nor daily.

Aura Repair Tea

  • 1 tsp Peppermint
  • 1 tsp Hibiscus Flowers
  • 1/4 tsp Rosemary
  • 1/4 tsp Lemongrass
  • 1/8 tsp Mugwort

2 cup recipe. Once water is boiled, pour and brew for 5 – 10 minutes. Sweeten with either regular sugar, or I add coconut sugar. Sweetens just the same, although coconut sugar is much more keto friendly, plus it adds protective properties.

For this tea spell; after the herbs are finished brewing, bring the cup into your hands and hover your face over its steam. Inhale deeply, absorbing through the skin, and into the flow of your energy. There is no need for any words or chant. Only to instill within you the calming flow of the tea’s energy. Hold onto this moment for as long as you feel comfortable, then humbly, take a sip. Feel its essence become a part of you. Feel how your energy responds to it. Accept it wholeheartedly. Then rest with it.

I hope you enjoy this tea, and the idea of going to a spa! Give yourself that spa day you surely deserve and need! The results are amazing.

Many blessings, to you all!

Festival of Hecate

August 24th marks the Festival of Hecate. Day and Night of the Dark Mother. Of Earth and Sky. Keeper of the crossroads. Seer of the unknown. Queen of the witches. She speaks, and all remains silent for Her. For those that are guided by Her wisdom, honor Her on this day, her ascension from the underworld, with offerings of Earth, Heart, and Soul.

Interestingly enough, the days for this festival can be concluded by who traditionally worships Hecate. Most who honor Hecate, begin to honor her on August 13th. Which aligns with the dark moon, and the perseids meteor shower. This time symbolizes her descent into the underworld and the harvests of the earth.

Fun fact, August 13th was also worshipped for the festival of Diana. Where her followers celebrated her in the groves at Nemi. This festival lasted for up to a week of festivities, food, and dance.

Now, back to Hecate.

Both of these festivals were and are very similar. Especially considering that both Diana and Hecate are triple goddesses, some associate them as one deity. Like I do. Diana to me, is the maiden form, and Hecate is the crone form. Now, on this day, Hecate has had already descended into the underworld, and now begins to rise again to the heavens from her wise journey. And as the Full moon grows full, so will she claim herself as Queen again. With new knowledge and mysteries from the underworld. So, we invoke her and honor her, in hopes for her protection for the coming season, and for her new found wisdom.

How do we honor this Great and Ancient Goddess?

Personally, I honor each of her crossroads. I leave offerings of earth, sky, flame, and sea at each pathway, to open the doors for Her guidance. Her offerings include:

Eggs, Lavender, Honey, Garlic, Baked Goods

Incense, Candles, Daggers, Keys

Having your dog familiar by your side

These are just to name a few. But follow your heart of which offerings would be best for you to give.

I love to leave her lavender honey tea, and burn my special blend of incense for her.

This is the blend I burn while invoking the Goddess Hecate. Add even portions of the ingredients shown, and/or add odd drops of the essential oils to the blend. Smells divine when burned, and uplifts the soul. While the smoke fills the air, call out to Hecate with your own heartfelt chant and await her guidance. If you decide to have your familiar close by, pay special attention to their reaction. Hecate always greets dogs, and reveals herself to them. Keep an eye out for signs, or listen soundly. Often, she comes in dreams in the dead of the night, and reveals her messages then.

I hope this night brings special moments for you, and Hecate grants you her wise guidance.

Spring Equinox Magick

Hi! And welcome!

Rejoice! For Spring has come again! With it, renewal, and new beginnings!

This is a time of sparkling new paths, and time of action towards a fulfilling year. What this Tea Witch’s house has in store is a purifying magickal bath to prepare the mind and heart for a new season, and for whatever Spring has to offer us.

This spell I did under the recent new moon night, however, this spell is also perfect for a day such as the Spring Equinox.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by bath and water magick. I guess it’s the season that’s stirred it. The weather being extra rainy this time of year.


1/4 palm size Sandalwood, White or Red
1/4 palm size Willow Bark, White
1/4 palm size Myrrh
1/4 palm size Hemp (medicinal cannabis optional 😉) * For this particular recipe, I’m going to use an oil base.

First I’m brewing the blend in boiling water, then will let it steep, and cool till I’m ready for my bath. I’m calling for prosperous, protective, and transcendent energies.

Then later, I plan on drawing the bath, and blessing it with sea salt. Then use the tea blend to manifest my spell.
I’m going to use this spell to shed away my late seasonal energy, and renew for a greater prosperous and loving season. That is why I chose the Red Sandalwood. Go for White Sandalwood if calling for more of a calm relaxed season.

This is especially a great spell to do now, or night of the Equinox. I’m also going to use the dry herb blend for the same spell. But this time, I will be burying portions of it at each corner of my homeland for the same outcome.

So looking forward for what this new Spring Season is going to bring!

May it also grant you best wishes and hearty joy!

Blessed Be


New Moon Spells

Merry meet and welcome!

With the recent New Moon in Pisces, many have asked what sort of spells are the best ones to do during this time. Here is a list of the best type of spells to do during a new moon. 

  • Defense Spells – This can be for any which way you feel attacked. Either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Bindings are typically the best line of defense. But also enchanted powders can be used for building barriers of protection. 
  • Return to Sender Spells – These spells go hand in hand with defense spells. However it takes it one step forward. Not only do these spells protect you from any malicious energy, spells, or entities, but they also can send that very same energy back to the sender. 
  • Spirit Magick – Whether it be astral projection, spirit communication, or spiritual meditation, this is the time to practice and get deep. 
  • Ward Evil Spells – Just like defense spells but specifically against paranormal activity, with a kick. Ghosts. Poltergeist. And Demonic entities. 

    Here are a few simple yet strong spells that fall under a few of these categories. 
                          Hearth Fire Spell 

    Combine and ground together:

    • Angelica 
    • Bay leaves
    • Juniper
    • Mugwort
    • Wisteria 

    Burn herbs in the hearth to call upon powers of protection and warmth.

                  Shadows of the Past Spell

    These herbs are specifically used to recall past life memories. 

    • Bay leaves
    • Honeysuckle Blossoms
    • Lilac Blossoms
    • Juniper

    Burn the powdered ingredients on lit charcoal before bedtime.

                    Return to Sender Spell

     Use if it is felt or known that gossip, negativity, a hex, or otherwise is being thrown against you. 

    Gather powdered Clove and burn over charcoal. Smudge the incense all around you, and walk it out your front door. 
    If it is known who the sender is, return it back to them by placing a piece of paper with their name under the charcoal patty. And burn the clove. As it burns, say their name three times. Start as whisper, then louder, and lastly as a shout. 

    Leave the charcoal to burn the rest of the way outside your front porch. Don’t think of it till the next day.


    Enjoy the spells and be sure to have a safe and magical New Moon. 

    Blessed Be!

    New Moon Sunset. Glorious evening!

    First New Moon 2017

    Merry meet,

    This new moon is a glorious awakening. Of mind, and of new sight. The moon is in Aquarius’s chamber this night. A night for reflection, and creating a new innovative path for the future. Keep in mind, for this, one should consider casting spells to bless one’s choices and protect their path. 

    A few simple spells to do under this new moon night. 

                      ~ New Moon Spells ~

    Burn a sprig of Rosemary. As it burns, meditate within and chant:

    “I honor myself during this new moon hour. The choices I make will be blessed with power.”

    Create a hydrosol with Yellow or White Roses, and  Violets. Let it sit out under the New Moon sky. 
    Use as a mist spray that day forward, for luck and to manifest your goals.

    With a green candle, sprinkle Nutmeg powder over it’s flame, and chant:

    “New Moon fire, cast my desire. The road before me shall be blessed.”

    Gather a handful of Grains of Paradise. Find a special spot either outside your home, or open area, on the night of the New Moon. Or when you take a first step outside your home the day after a New Moon. Toss the Grains to each of the four directions, and make a wish.

    Cast a circle of Bay Leaves, around a black candle. Light the candle and chant:

    “Circle of protection, I cast onto me. The barrier is forged. No harm by earth, sky, or sea.”

    Take care on this new moon night! Many blessings to you all.
    Blessed Be ~*~

    The 12 Days of Winter Solstice

    Merry meet! Welcome!

    The time of a new season is upon us, and once again celebration is in order! I prepared a list of activities to do for the 12 upcoming days until December 21st. And though I have a list, does not mean they can be copied. One thing is sure, that everyone creates their own traditions!

    Day 1: Decorations & Candle Light Ritual
    Day 2: Yule Tree
    Day 3: Wish Ornament
    Day 4: Full Moon Road Trip
    Day 5: Make a 12 Herb Sachet
    Day 6: Bake Winter Bread
    Day 7: Make a Yule Log
    Day 8: Holiday Gift Exchange To a Stranger
    Day 9: Honor the Spirits
    Day 10: Warm Tea & Rest
    Day 11: Give Gifts & Feast
    Day 12: Burn the Yule Log
    Though the list of activities may change, every year I always begin the 12 days with a candle lighting ceremony. 

    «First Day Towards the Winter Solstice»

    Candle Light Ritual
    Begins with turning off all lights in the home. Lighting one candle, walk through the house, beginning at the front door. Chant:

    ~ Within the dark, the candle shall light the way.
    For though winter is cold, it shall not reign.
    Within the dark, our hope shall not die.
    For soon the Sun will rise in the sky.
    Within the dark, there is no despair.
    For our shining souls will renew and repair.
    So sing songs into the Winter night,
    For soon the winds shall bring Spring light. ~
    This is a beautiful ceremony, that blesses the dark. You will notice a significant difference within the home. 

    Blessed be, brothers and sisters! Enjoy your winter activities!

    The Dark Moon Tea (Sept 30, 2016)

    Sisters and brothers, tonight is the new moon in Libra!  A powerful night for it is a rare Dark Moon. A wise night to preprare oneself for new changes, possibilities, and inspirations! So I have something here for you, my favorite time of the day.

    Tea Time!

                             Air Tea Spell

    This tea spell can be done any time when the moon is new, and preferably when it is in an air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra). It is to bring brilliant insight, a sense of great peace, and clarity. After casting the spell, be extra aware of your intuition, for it shall not fail to guide you. I will especially enjoy doing this before some divination work! Something to consider!

    Steep the following herbs in boiling water, and if possible, in a yellow tea pot. 

    • 1 tablespoon Fenugreek Seeds
    • 4 died Clover Blossoms
    • Pinch of dried Lavender

    After 5 minutes, sweeten with honey and either drink the mild tea OR mark the four directions and pour the tea on the ground outside, towards the East wind. 
    However you choose, you shall still pray:

    Winged Mercury, God of Air. I entreat you to bring me sight and true awareness. Like the Wind, speed my way, and make everything New. 

    Blessed be, everyone. And Dark Moon Blessings!

    First Harvest Tea

    Happy Day, brothers and sisters!

    Today marks the first harvest as some would also associate this day as Lammas. This is a time of special blessings to family and friends when all come together to share a feast of breads and meal. Before such a gathering, the crops are harvested, and blessed with the energies of man and nature. These blessings are to summon good fortune for the coming Autumn Season. 

    Today, my husband and I have prepared a meal for two. We will light a blessing candle and share this feast in love and in balance. Last night, I created a dessert to fit the occasion. A delicous banana pudding. And to partake alongside such a scrumptious treat, I made a brew of tea to fill our minds and soul with creative wisdom. 

    Tis a perfect brew to share with friends and loved ones with some delicious breads and treats.

    Creative Wisdom Tea

    • 1/4 cup of pitted Cherries (frozen, fresh, or canned)
    • 1 teaspoon of dried Sage (or 1 tablespoon of fresh)
    • 1 black tea bag. 
    • slice of lemon 
    • add honey to your liking

    *Recipe is per 1 cup. 
    *It is also delicious over ice, but if one wishes to make it this way, the recipe must be doubled. 

    Bring the cherries to a boil in a sauce pan, then simmer and steep for about 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, strain the fruit through a sieve, pressing the cherries. Discard the cherries, or do what I love to do and puree them for morning shakes (waste not). Return strained mixture to saucepan and bring to a slow boil. Add sage and tea and allow it to steep away from the heat for 5-10 minutes (the longer it steeps, the stronger the flavor). Strain the sage and tea, and add honey to sweeten and magically blend the brew together. Add a slice of lemon and enjoy!
    Every time I brew a tea, I always say a prayer to bless it for the occasion. In this case, the chant was:

    In this pot I enchant and brew,
    A spell that is pure and true.
    I conjure wisdom and creativity,
    In this tea that honors the divinity.
    As we drink, the magick shall spread.
    Creativity and wisdom shall be our friend. 

    So, brothers and sisters, have a beautiful first harvest and Lammas! Blessings to one and all!

    The Tea Witch

    New Moon Crystal Cleanse

    Merry meet all! Welcome!

    The past new moon was a time to do a cleansing for my amulet.

    An amulet, is a jewel or stone that is meant to protect the wearer against evil, curses, and illness.
    From time to a time, any sort of jewlery that is considered an amulet must be cleansed and refreshed.

    The New Moon is the best night to do this for your amulets. The reason being this moon cycle as a time of rest. No magick is done during this period. Meditations, restings, and cleansings are appropriate.

    Cleansing my amulet was simple. I simply placed my stone in a small glass dish (recommended) with a pinch of sea salt. I was fortunate enough that it was a rainy night. So extra cleansing was in store. I set outside the dish and left it to sit just a little after midnight. By then, I took it and placed it under my grape vines. It is also recommended to bury an amulet in the soil, but I had my reasons to not do it this time. Either way, the amulet still gets to soak in the Earth’s energy.
    By morning, my amulet was cleansed and refreshed. I felt my energy restored and lighter.
    Any other method can work as simply. You could cleanse with any element you wish. Such as smoke or flame. If I was to use the smoke method, I would most likely choose to burn bay or rosemary leaves then smudge my amulet through the smoke.
    Of course since it beautifully rained through the new moon night, I couldn’t have been happier. Especially since water is the ultimate element to cleanse anything.
    Anywho, hope this method helps anyone who is searching for ways to purify their tools and/or amulets, talismans, or even themselves!

    Blessed be!

    ~The Tea Witch