12 Days of Summer

I have been very active on Facebook about the upcoming Summer Solstice and felt it important to share. The past few years I have fallen in love with the tradition of celebrating for 12 days leading up to Litha. I thought of doing this when it was December and I was celebrating 12 days then. I saw how being together with friends and family, celebrating the season, brought so much joy and laughter. Each day brought renewal, which is important for the winter. So I considered, well, the Summer brings laughter, joy, and energy. Why not use that magic to bring love, health, and happiness into our lives for each season?!

So began the tradition of celebrating 12 days. And it has been a joy! Every year, I try to do something new, but also keeping traditional ideas. It keeps one active, both in mind, and in heart. It keeps family close, and friends together.

Consider what you can do. Mark each day with something fun, whether small or big. Make it your own, and be creative! Honor the season, the Sun, with your own shining light!