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Part 2!

Waxing Moon Magick!

The last article discussed all the ways that we can cleanse and purify our home during the New Moon, by the magical aid of floorwashes! Today, we will go over the drawing power that the Waxing Moon can conjure into our homes! During this time, I love when the home is humming with good and steady energy, as well as, the openness of doing something magical. This is a time for manifesting luck, health, love, and blessings! You will often find me in the kitchen during these times baking and making tea, and especially putting together SIMMERING POTS!

What are SIMMERING POTS, you may ask?

Well, its a fun different method of incense! When you think incense, you often picture blended herb sticks, ignited into a glorious smelling smoke. Yes? Well, much like that, but rather instead of burning an incense stick, we are simmering deliciously scented herbs, oils, and/or fruits in a pot of hot water, and letting the steamy intoxicating scent fill the home. It is a great way of incorporating all of the elements together for a simple conjuring spell.


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How to conduct a SIMMERING POT:

You first will need a heat resisting pot. I generally recommend using either:

  • A Glass Saucepan – I use to have one just like this! How I loved it! Glass is great for letting the energies of the herbs and oils flow freely.
  • A Thick Copper Pan – Copper is a magnificent conductor for drawing magick. It will enhance all your kitchen making spells.
  • A Cast Iron Pot – This is the one I currently have and use! It is a keeper! Cast iron has long been traditionally used in spellwork for its balanced energies.
  • Ceramic Electric Candle Warmer – Now, if you are one that would rather use oils instead of herbs, feel free to do so! This warmer is also a great way of casting your intentions.

NOW, the recipes!

For Success and Good Fortune

Orange blossoms




Boil a pot of water. Once boiled, set the temperature to low heat. Combine the above ingredients and stir clockwise. Visualize good fortune and luck coming into your home. Become entranced by the steam filling your kitchen. Visualize this steam as rays of bright greens and orange colors.

*If you can’t get a hold of orange blossoms, you may substitute with orange slices. You can decide to either use the herbs, resins, or oils for any of the ingredients.

For Healing, Cleansing, or Enhanced Psychic Powers

Bay Laurel Leaves

Allspice Berries

Whole Cardamom

Cinnamon Sticks

Whole Cloves


Boil a pot of water. Once boiled, set the temperature to medium low heat. Combine the above ingredients and stir clockwise. Decide on which you wish to draw into your. If it for Healing, then visualize blue steam entering your home. For Cleansing, visualize a white aura. For Enhanced Psychic Powers, purple.

You will want to hover your face over the steam for the Enhanced Psychic Powers.

If you want Healing for a specific person in your home, then you will want to waft the steam in their direction. Same for the Cleansing. Otherwise, for general Healing and Cleansing into the home, you can keep the pot simmering on the stove.

For Home Protection & Blessings







Boil a pot of water. Once boiled, set the temperature to low heat. Combine the above ingredients and stir clockwise. Visualize the steam as rays of white and gold simmering throughout your home. For this simmering pot, if you wish, you may take off the stove when the steam is especially fragrant and walk around your home. Calling on good spirits and protection.


Oils are always a great way to do these simmer pots too, either in the simmering pot itself, or blended and added to an electric one.

Here is a list of the oils and where to find them.

I hope these recipes bring you many blessings into your magical home! If you find this article helpful, please like, share, and follow!




2 thoughts on “GOOD WITCH KEEPING SERIES (Simmering Pot Spells)

  1. Is there a specific way the water should be disposed of when it’s done?

    Can the simmer pot liquid be used for anything else?


    1. Great questions! You can use a little of the liquid in the bath if you’ll like. Or pour into a spray bottle and use it as a mist. Use as a cleansing wash to clean your tools. And/or even as a face wash. Etc. Otherwise, you can dispose the liquid in your garden.


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